Registration for Pre-Kindergarten

thumbnail screenshot of NYC DOE webpage for pre-k registration.  Link to pre-k registration website

Registration for Kindergarten

screenshot thumbnail image of kindergarten registration website.  Links to kindergarten registration page.

Registration for 1st Grade-5th Grade:

Please bring with you at registration:

1.Your child
2.An ORIGINAL birth certificate or passport
3.Proof of immunization
4.Proof of address
•Original ownership certificate (in your name) from CO-OP BOARD or
clipart of clipboard with pencil and paper with three boxes.  Top box checked.Original lease (in your name) from CO-OP MANAGEMENT

And one of the following:
•Con Edison Bill (in parent name)
•Driver’s License with present address
•Bank Statement mailed to your address

In addition, you will need to provide:

•Your home address and business phone numbers
(Cellular #’s if applicable)
•Name and number of child’s physician
•Name and number of two people as emergency contacts