The Alexander Graham School, PS 205Q, is a Pre-Kindergarten through grade five school in District 26, Bayside Queens.  Our School has approximately 300 students and 25 teachers including general education, special education, collaborative team teaching, and a full-time SETTS teacher.  We have consistently ranked among the top 10 schools in New York City.  We share our facility with a city-wide District 75 Special Education Program.
We expect our students to become responsible citizens achieving high academic standards.  To accomplish this goal we offer a wide variety of programs and services in a caring and supportive environment.  The small size of our school gives our students a sense of security and belonging that is rarely found in large schools.  Since we are a small school, we therefore:
  • Know the needs of all our students
  • Exercise regular and frequent assessment and monitoring of all students
  • Offer individualized instruction in small groups
  • Provide early intervention when required through extended day instruction and IEP teacher
  • Give emotional support when needed
  • Develop close relationships and rapport with parents
  • Encourage strong parent involvement and volunteerism
  • Monitor students attending the 37.5 minute extended day program
  • Closely monitor students in need of special services through meetings with SBST
  • Have a very high daily attendance rate and an extremely low suspension rate
  • Reflect our school as a multi-cultural community

PS 205Q students have consistently performed well on New York State Standardized Assessments designed to measure student achievement.  The high expectations we place on our students is evident in results of Standardized Assessments.  Student performance is consistently high by area, state and national standards.  The Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science scores are all competitive with the finest school systems in the City and State including neighboring Long Island and Westchester Counties.

· High percentage of students scoring in levels 3 & 4 in NYS Assessments
· Cooperative and collegial school community
· Dedicated faculty committed to ongoing professional growth
· Attendance by teachers and administration at professional development workshops in literacy and mathematics
· Strong parental support at various school functions, workshops and family events
· Effective ongoing communication between the principal, staff, parents, and parent coordinator regarding the needs of the school and community
· Partnerships made possible through grants
· Establishing congruency and lesson alignment with the classroom teacher and  support providers (SETSS, ELL, Speech, OT)
· Sustaining and maintaining parental and student support for our many philanthropic projects and recognized on our “Award Wall”
PS 205Q is committed to developing the whole child in a small caring atmosphere giving students the support they need academically, socially and psychologically to meet their fullest potential.  The administration, faculty, staff, parents and members of the local community work collaboratively in support of our school’s goals and effort in educating all of our students.  We are all indeed lucky to work in such a unique and supportive environment.  We have an experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff engaged in this ongoing work.
Parent and community involvement is encouraged through a variety of means including an active Parent Teacher Association, parent volunteer programs in the school, and through parent outreach programs.
· Strong support and partnership with Parent Teacher Association
· Active and involved Parent Coordinator
· Continued staff and professional development
· Ongoing support from our District 26 Superintendent and the Network Leader
We also offer extra-curricular activities such as: boys and girls basketball teams and cheerleading