image of pencil inside pencil sharpenerVision Statement
P.S. 205 Q, the Alexander Graham Bell school, pursues excellence in education for every student.  A shared partnership among staff, parents and students provides all children with a quality education.  Our vision is to empower all students with the academic and technological skills to function successfully as adults in the twenty-first century.
Mission Statement
Our Mission is to:
Provide children with a quality education by implementing high academic standards
Provide the broadest opportunities for each student to reach his/her highest academic achievement
Foster self-esteem and mutual respect for people with whom they interact
Instill educational and career aspirations
Provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff
Involve parents and community in the learning process and shared decision making
Provide a safe learning environment for all students
Our Goals and Objectives
To improve student performance in the areas of reading and mathematics through the implementation of Common Core Learning Standards
Increase Literacy of Grades Pre K-5
To foster and encourage staff and parent involvement through continued participation in the School Leadership Team.
To encourage student self reflection in their own learning experiences.