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Big Buddies, Little Buddies – December 2010
The special education students in the PS 205 building in Oakland Gardens used to be known as “those kids upstairs.”

The other students would often go out of their way to avoid the special education students and were somewhat frightened of them. They did not want to take the same stairwells they knew the special education students used and almost never interacted with them.

But last year, that all changed when school officials started a Big Buddies, Little Buddies program that pairs students from PS 205 with the children from the special education program known as PS 224 at PS 205.

“I’ve been here 23 years and the two schools had always been separated,” said paraprofessional Lisa Olivero, who started the program. “The kids downstairs, they would look at the upstairs kids and say, ‘Who are those kids upstairs?’ That’s what we were always known as, ‘the kids upstairs.’ The kids said they were afraid to meet the other kids, but now when they see them in the hall, they’ll say hi and hug them.” Read more…

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