Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

Dear Readers,
Do you have a favorite purse? If you do, then you should read Lilly’s Purple plastic purse, by Kevin Henkes. I think Lilly is a selfish character. She is also a nice character too .The pictures are great.My favorite pictures are when Lilly dresses up as a diver, doctor and a ballerina.
Once there was a little girl named Lilly. She had a purple plastic purse. She wanted to show it to her class, But her favorite teacher took it away. Lilly felt furious Will Lilly get her purse back and forgive her teacher?
I think Lilly is selfish because she called her teacher FAT! Lilly called her teacher fat because she was mad at her teacher and he took away Lilly’s purse. I don’t think that is nice. For example, she drew a poster and wrote mean things on it. I like the pictures because they are so FUNNY. For example, I like the part when she says” straws make everything taste better.
I recommend this book to ages six/nine because Lilly’s purple plastic purse has a lesson learned. I give this book 5 stars because it has a lesson learned. My opinion is Lilly is a selfish character and a nice character. Also I like the pictures I like the part when she dresses up as a diver, ballerina and a doctor.

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