Mercy Watson to the Rescue

pigHave you ever heard of a pig that’s a pet? If you did, then you should read,” Mercy Watson to the Rescue”! (And to your pet pig)! It also can be for different people who like funny things or just to read. It’s about a pig named Mercy Watson who loves buttered toast. She is a pet pig. She is a pet of Mr. and Mrs. Watsons. I think this is a good book for so many people around because it has so many things in it. THIS STORYS SO GOOD YOU’RE GOING TO EXPLODE.

Mercy could not sleep one night. So she went to Mr. and Mrs. Watsons bed. They were sleeping and then suddenly-CRASH!!!! The bed collapsed into a hole!! Dun, dun, DUN!!! To see what happens next read to find out.

I love all of the parts and characters. They are super-duper interesting and make everything fun. For example, when the bed was moaning Mercy got out to get buttered toast and sugar cookies from Baby Lincoln. But the Watsons think Mercy is going to save the day. That’s weird because have you ever heard of a calling pig? That communicates with firefighters. I think that because Mercy is a pig “Oink” and wonder why the Watsons got her? The parts are interesting because the bed moans and it’s falling and Mercy goes outside to get sugar cookies from Baby Lincoln. Also the illustrations are nice and kind also…………….HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!  They are nice and kind because when the Watson’s family is asleep they smile. Especially, Mercy, she almost smiles all the time. For example, when Eugenia was chasing Mercy was smiling because she loves chases. Eugenia was yelling at Mercy. For example, when she was yelling “NO—PIGS—ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”She also smiles for food, sleeping, and obesity a lot more. She will always smile. The Watson’s family almost always smiles at least almost always.

I would recommend this book to people who feel very lonely, that just don’t feel very happy. I would also recommend this book to artist and people who like HILLARIOUS things. I would recommend this book to those people because Eugenia looks funny and comical including Mercy, the Watson’s, Baby and the firefighters. I would put this book four stars. It’s a very, very, VERY, nice book. You’ll love this book, especially children. And that’s why I love this book, it’s amazing.


Amanda Solari.












































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