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January 2015 Minutes

Alexander Graham Bell P.S. 205Q
P.T.A. Meeting

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The meeting started at 7:12 pm. The minutes from last month’s meeting were not present at the meeting and could not be approved.
Principal’s Report
Ms. Scott was not present at the meeting. Mrs. Chu presented the Principal’s report.
Ms. Scott thanked the entire PTA, parent volunteers and Mr. Blum for successfully implementing the morning “Drop and Roll” arrival procedures on Bell Blvd for the parents who drive their children to school. It has been a pleasure to hear wonderful feedback from parents that this procedure (although not perfect) is a wonderful way to ensure a safer drop off for our students. All ideas and feedback are welcome!

The Winter Concert will take place on Thursday Dec. 18th. Ms. Scott thanked Ms.Stephan for her tremendous work with the children and also thanked Mrs. Lily Chu and parent volunteers who helped to create the 3-D snowflakes for the concert.

Ms. Scott also thanked all the parents who helped with the scenery and art work for the Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz plays.

School Spirit Day will take place on Tuesday, December 23rd. All students and staff members should come dressed in their best, wackiest, glamorous or most colorful pajamas. A reminder (flyer) will go home next week.

Ms. Scott thanked everyone who participated in the City Harvest canned food drive and everyone who participated in the UNICEF collection this year. The school collected $660.00 and all proceeds will go directly to UNICEF.

The Dancing Classroom has begun working with students in the 5th grade and the possibility of doing a Dancing Classroom parent workshop is being researched.

Ms. Scott wished everyone a wonderful holiday season and looks forward to seeing everyone in the New Year and at the January PTA meeting.

UFT Report- Mrs. Bosi
Mrs. Bosi was not present at the meeting and no report was submitted.

Parent Coordinator’s Report- Mrs. Chu
Mrs. Chu reported that movie night is being moved from January 16 to January 23 due to holiday weekends. The movie will be Box Trolls and tickets will be available at the door only and will not be sold in advance.

Treasurer’s Report
Terri Shoule was not present. Amy Kaye reported.
Movie night made $467.24 which is ahead of the $600 projected for the school year. Pie sales have not been calculated yet. 957.50 has been collected so far and the pie-pick up date is to be determined.
The Holiday Boutique did well today. There are two more days of the sale the $1,400 was made on the first day.
The Pie Company will be changing for next and alternative bakeries that sell frozen pies are currently being researched. Suggestions are welcome.

Fundraising Report- Amy Kaye, Brigitte Lanzer
Lifetouch picture retake day will be January 8. Children who missed the picture day or families who are not satisfied with their pictures can have their picture retaken. Children must bring in the old pictures with them on picture retake day if the want to retake the pictures.
Spring picture day will be March 10.
The Cookie dough and Popcorn sale will be starting after spring break. This will be the school’s final fundraiser with Ms. Chocolate.

Taste of Culture will be March 13.

President’s Report
It was presented that there needed to be a vote on whether or not the PTA should purchase on hand held microphone for $280.96 and one headset microphone for $184.31. There was a flood in the school yesterday that ruined a few more microphones. Brigitte Lanzer made a motion to buy microphones and Lara Spencer seconded the motion to buy microphones. It was proposed that the PTA purchase two handheld microphones at the cost of $561.92 and one headset at the cost of $184.31. Kara Keppel made a motion two buy two handheld microphone and one headset microphone and Brigitte Lanzer seconded the motion. All approved and there were no objections. The total cost will be $746.23.

Parents have reported that people are using and liking the Drop and Roll Program. The program needs more volunteers so we don’t have people volunteering more than one time per week. It would be extremely beneficial for the volunteers to have 4 rain ponchos at the cost of $40 ($10 per poncho). Brigitte Lanzer proposed the motion to discuss purchasing rain ponchos. Lara Spencer seconded the motion to discuss having the PTA pay for rain ponchos.

Vote was passed to buy 4 rain ponchos at $10 each. No one opposed the vote.

The possibility of switching the kindergarten snack to the afternoon instead of the morning was discussed.

Brigitte Lanzer made a motion to close the meeting at 7:57 pm. Lara Spencer seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 pm.

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